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Dhruv Naik

MSc Dissertation Student (2020-2021)

Completing my dissertation in Dr Balakrishnan's Lab was outstanding. As soon as I joined, I was introduced to the rules and regulations which helped in carrying out my research efficiently. Everyone there was approachable, responsive, friendly and as a new associate I never felt distant from any of the members. I also got to participate in their work, which broadened my learning spectrum as everyone is working on something novel and exciting. Apart from studies and research, celebrating an achievement of a fellow associate would refresh and motivate everyone to give their best. Choosing Dr Balakrishnan Lab, was one of the main reasons for my smooth yet educative dissertation.

Juhi Vaishnav

MSc Dissertation Student (2020-2021)

I did my dissertation in the lab for about 5 months and it was a memorable experience. Suresh sir is a very visionary PI and working in his guidance was a privilege. The best part about the lab is everyone is welcoming and ready to lend a helping hand always. I was able to learn about every project going on in the lab. I got opportunity to learn several techniques and animal handling as well. The working environment of the lab is very encouraging and positive. Everyone helped me build my confidence and backed me throughout my dissertation. Also, the tea time discussions, from politics to poetries are wonderful to be a part of. Along with all the work, the lab believes in having fun at times too, lunches, parties and night outs. It has a creative edge too, which made my dissertation period all the more memorable.

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Priya Singh

MSc Dissertation Student (2015-2016)

I had the opportunity to work for Dr. S. Balakrishnan during my master's degree program. One of the many reasons for choosing this particular lab was higher work ethics, culture of enthusiasm and a conducive atmosphere that it provides to novices. One's knowledge grows exponentially and receives hands-on training and experience on various techniques and instruments. In this lab, one not only learns and develops scientific acumen but also hones innate abilities that transform students to assets of any organisation.

Venus Patel

MSc Dissertation Student (2015-2016)

One of the best lifetime experiences!
During my tenure of master’s degree at M.S. University, I had opportunity to work at Prof. Suresh Lab. Basically their core research area is in field of Regeneration and Developmental Biology. My aligned area of interest led me to grab an opportunity and work in a project of Chick Developmental Biology. My sparse knowledge on subject grew to more robust through his unique approach on the subject and in finding innovative solutions and developing methodology. Prof. Suresh’s immense support and motivation helped me to add a credential at Gujarat Science Congress. Not only did I start understanding other subjects too, but I also got involved to learn all other techniques performed in the lab. Largely, that raised my scientific acumen little more with understanding biology. His research scholars have always assisted me at all the times. 
Prof. Suresh Lab works under a motto of cooperation and support and treats it members well. One can learn dynamism to handle multiple things and take decisive action towards the same. Inculcating this approach not only develops one as a better student but also an individual.

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Arunima Sharma

MSc Dissertation Student (2019-2020)

Getting to carry out my dissertation at Dr . B. Suresh's lab was one of the most wonderful opportunities I have had so far. The lab and the people working there have an incomparable drive and approach when it comes to both research and teaching . Not only did I get to learn hands-on work , I also had the chance to acquire skills that have helped me bridge the mammoth gap between academics and corporate life. I first entered the lab with the hopes of learning more developmental biology (which remains a beloved subject), I was certain that this lab would be the right place for it, but by the time I got done, I had learnt so much more. The work ethic and sense of perseverance displayed by everyone there is truly inspiring. I am thriving in my chosen field because of the training I received here and I am confident that those who come after me will receive just the same.

Sreeja Sreekanth

BSc Dissertation Student (2014-2015)

During my Bachelors, I completed my dissertation from Dr. Suresh's Lab. I was an Environmental Science student interested in the field of toxicology. I was a novice in this field, but Suresh Sir guided me and helped me throughout my dissertation period. I wouldn’t have been able to complete my dissertation without his guidance and persistent help. I feel proud to be associated with a man of such profound knowledge and experience. His lab is not just confined to students who are from zoology background; the lab is welcoming to students from other fields of science as well. Dr. Suresh and his team of research associates, shared their immense knowledge in various fields and trained me on different techniques and wet-lab experiments. During my period in his lab, I learnt that good lab work involves patient, accurate, and critical observations. His lab's high working ethics make you curious and cultivates interest in the subject. The research associates under his guidance were really helpful and cooperative. Students who are curious to learn will get structured guidance and a disciplined environment to grow and enhance their knowledge. His lab inculcates a passion towards learning and expands their individual abilities.

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Siddharth Pai

MSc Dissertation Student (2017-2018)

During my dissertation I got an opportunity to work at Dr B Suresh's lab. One of the many reasons for selecting this lab was the academic rigour and the hands-on approach of the PI and his drive to teach on solid foundations of developmental biology, biochemistry, animal physiology and toxicology.
In today's fast growing industry, it is of utmost importance that the training imparted at Post Graduate level is relevant to the industry. This place has helped me equip myself with the necessary skills for developing technical proficiency and the ability to understand and interlink commercial processes with scientific understanding. The training imparted here will inculcate a sense of problem solving approach for developing novel strategies for an increasingly techno-commercial industry today. This is not just a place where you learn science, it is a place where you learn professionalism. For those aspiring to make a mark in the industry, this is the place to be. My story is a story of every average back-bencher who was weak on concepts but high on dreams. I'm not quite there yet, but this lab has played a major role in building me as a professional to help me survive and grow in the industry. Every milestone I cross in my career is a testament of the impact this lab has made in developing me as a professional. 

Tenzin Yangdon

MSc Dissertation student (2016-2017)

Hi! I am a 2017 batch Zoology department student. I received a wonderful opportunity to learn and present our dissertation in Dr Suresh laboratory during our Master’s degree programme. A year of learning and working in a laboratory was filled with curiosities and excitements. I remember a lot of our initial days were filled with questioning and problem solving. Apart from our regular experiments, we had a pleasant environment of learning. I particularly miss our tea-break discussion which was mostly filled with laughter and exchange of knowledge. I am incredibly grateful to Dr Suresh Balakrishnan and lab seniors, friends who were generous with their time, expertise and the wisdom. I received knowledge not only about molecular science but also about the life changing experience.

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Anushruti Singh

MSc Dissertation student (2018-2019)

During my Master's, I had an opportunity of working in Prof. B. Suresh's lab for my final year dissertation work, which turned out to be a very eventful learning experience for me. The lab is well equipped and well-funded. Through this tenure, everyone in lab was supportive and inculcated a research-oriented thought process in our minds. The guidance that I received in lab has helped me grow as an individual, it has helped me boost my confidence and even skills such as public speaking that have helped me fulfill my career goals. Sir has been the epicenter for positivity and has always encouraged us to push our boundaries and excel in our fields of interest.

Ankita Shree

MSc Dissertation (2014-15)

I joined the lab as dissertation student during my masters in 2014-2015. The laboratory is interested in studying various aspects of regeneration and developmental biology. Laboratory uses variety of approaches to define underlying Molecular mechanism which governs regeneration and embryonic development. 
My study was focused on pesticide-induced toxicity in developing chick embryo, where the study suggested that the exposure of pesticides in the environment have bystander effects causing developmental abnormalities in growing embryos. 
Supervisor, resources, and scholars, altogether have created an excellent working environment here in the lab, where experience and expertise provide a great platform for learning.
The experience which I have got from working in the lab has helped to learn many techniques (such as DNA,  RNA isolation, PCR and RT-PCR, immunoblotting, biochemical analysis, and the list goes on), which also helped me to grow as an individual researcher. Overall, it was a great experience to be a part of this lab. I would highly recommend all masters students to explore this research experience once in their life, which will help them to groom as an individual and additionally rejuvenate their scientific career.

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