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Work culture in Lab

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Proud to be MSUite

We take pride in being a part of an institution, which has set high bench marks of work ethics and professionalism.

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Dr Balakrishnan Lab: Our Second Home

Our lab harbors the most ambient work atmosphere. More than being just a work place, it is our second home.

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The PBP policy: Prepare Before Publish

Our eminent publications are a product of our regular intellectual brain storming interactions. We prudently ponder on novel ideas before we pertinently publish!

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Tools & Techniques

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Stringent Protocols

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WE handle WE care

We handle animals with utmost care and precision, abiding to all the norms formulated by Animal Ethical Committees.

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Duty comes first!

Amidst the trying times too, we stand strong on our duties and continue to excel in teaching. We follow the ‘new normal’ and all directives while we teach students in multiple small batches.

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