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Team Talk

Lab Members


Neha Gohil

Research Student

Assessing anti cancer property of benzopyrone derivative on human breast cancer cell line
Academic milestones: CSIR-NET JRF (2016)


Vishakha Nesari

Research Student

Studying DMD pathology using zebra fish as a model organism
Academic milestones: DST-WoS(A) (2018); CSIR-NET (JRF 2017); CSIR-NET (LS 2014)


Bhaval Parmar

Research Student

Elucidating the role of COX-2 in craniofacial patterning of domestic chick
Academic milestones: DST (INSPIRE 2020); GATE (2019); GSET (2018); Prof. J. C. George Gold medal (2018); Minaxi Lalit Award (2017)

5. Dhanush Danes.jpg

Dhanush B Danes

Research Student

Studying the etiology of insecticide induced development anomalies in chick
Academic milestones: SHODH (2021); CSIR-NET (LS 2018 & 2017)


Pooja Raval

Research Student

Analyzing the roles of TGF-β in EMT during wound healing and regeneration in the appendages of lizard
Academic milestones: SHODH (2021); GSET (2019)


Lakshmi Pillai

Research Student

Investigating the role of COX-2 in organogenesis in zebra fish.
Academic milestones: CSIR-NET (JRF 2020); Prof. J. C. George Gold medal (2020); GATE (2019); Minaxi Lalit Award (2019)


Anjali Singh

Research Student

Probing the effects of coumarin and its synthetic derivatives on molecular cross-talk of co-cultured cancer cell lines
Academic milestones: CSIR-NET (JRF 2021); DBT-BET (2021); GATE (2020)

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